Collingwood Commentary: Vanquishing an old foe

The Pies are in the top four and flying high. What are our resident Collingwood fan’s thoughts on their win over Carlton.

Right. Well, that was harder than it should’ve been. We have crept into the top 4 though! How good? Let’s hang around up there for the rest of the year. I think we can. Keep up the good work!

Credit to the Blues for keeping their pressure up for a majority of the game. A couple men down throughout. But good on us for sticking it out and grabbing those 4 points. We do have a habit of struggling after a bye round. It was just handy that we were up to a hard scrap this time.

Sidebottom seemed out of sorts early but rustled up another 31 possies for the match. Pendlebury and Phillips helping out but not as much as we’ve come to expect. Nobody really looked a stand-out all match. It was easier to see who wasn’t around, almost, than to see who was. Luckily it’s a team sport and everyone chipped in to picked up the slack.

Which is what we’ll need to do about this Treloar situation. He didn’t look his usual self all game and then to top it off he might be out for at least 10 weeks! Disappointing for him and the fans. Another big name injury to add to our long list. Fantastic.

As a team, I think we will cover a big part of his loss relatively okay-ish-ly. Okay, that doesn’t sound overly positive but he is a handy player. One we could do without losing. We’ll see how Bucks chooses to cover him in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed it won’t hurt us too much.

Hoskin-Elliot is still the only bloke to kick at least a goal a game this year. He snagged 3. As did Stephenson. Pendles kicked a pretty handy one from the boundary line. I was impressed. No banana crap, just a drop punt, well executed. Like the good old days…lol

Cox grabbed a few marks again and looked unstoppable up there. I wanna see him taking 10-15 a game. All 30-40 metres out and see how much we win by then.

Scharenburg is all over it. Our back line covers each other extremely well. I love it. Intercept marks are everywhere down there and it isn’t only Howey. Good to see. That’ll be the difference at the pointy end of the season. I can say that now, right? Maybe?

Let’s get into The Gold Coast next game and hang on to our spot! Go Pies!

COLLINGWOOD        3.2       5.8       8.12      11.13 (79)
CARLTON                   3.2       4.3        7.4          9.5 (59)
Collingwood: Pendlebury, Sidebottom, Stephenson, Phillips, Grundy, Treloar, Hoskin-Elliott
Carlton: Cripps, C.Curnow, Simpson, Thomas, Kennedy, Dow
Collingwood: Stephenson 3, Hoskin-Elliott 3, Pendlebury, Mihocek, Treloar, Cox, De Goey
Carlton: C.Curnow 3, Cripps 3, Rowe, Kreuzer, Mullett
Collingwood: Greenwood (concussion), Treloar (hamstring cramp)
Carlton: Casboult (finger) replaced in selected side by O’Shea, Plowman (knee), Kreuzer (ankle)
Umpires: Margetts, Dalgleish, Brown, Findlay
Crowd: 53,706 at the MCG

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