Collingwood Commentary: The rise continues

Collingwood got the job done on the Gold Coast, what were Jai’s fansided takeaways of the Pies trip to the holiday strip?

Second? Who the f@#$ thought that would happen this year?

It’s gold! I love it. I’ve noticed we’ve got supporters from other clubs to shut up a little as well. So they should, right?

Best of all Geelong and Melbourne and West Coast all lost giving us a little breathing room and somewhat of a chance in a couple of weeks against what we thought were a formidable Eagles. The plan first would be to sort out the Bombers this Sunday. Best not to get too far ahead of ourselves. But another win over our old foe would be bloody handy. I love beating the Dons!

Gold Coast. We started a little slow again but by late in the first quarter we were looking the goods. The second quarter had me liking it and even half way into the third. We were dominating and it showed. I don’t like how we backed off from there though. Only adding a single goal while the Suns added 4 of their own is not ideal. Pedal to the metal. Show the rest of the comp we aren’t to be messed with. Good 4 points though. 4 points that catapulted us up the ladder. Right on Richmond’s heels and keen to get higher… bad wording perhaps but you get it…

Thomas and Stephenson are doing a fantastic job up forward with 4 and 3 goals respectively. De Goey got a couple and a handful of solitary goals came from Crocker, Mihocek, Cox, Maynard and Pendlebury. Most disappointing for Hoskin-Elliot who now does NOT have a goal per game at least. Bugger.

We could have kicked a little straighter overall but job done all the same. It didn’t cost us but a little in percentage.

Treloar not being there maybe showed up a little with the Suns getting 10 more centre clearances than us even though Grundy collected 46 hit-outs. Considering our main ball carriers weren’t as up and about as we’re used to, the fact that we still won comfortably is a good sign, especially up there where conditions looked slippery.

Taylor Adams got his hands on it 30 times and Phillips with 26 touches were our busiest. Been a while since both Sidebottom AND Pendles have had sub 25 disposal games at the same time, surely. We can’t all have good games every week. But wait until we do! Then even the Tigers could be in trouble. Yeah. I said it. That’s a thing I said. Time will tell. But I’m feeling it. Rounds 19 and 20 suddenly sound like a challenge instead of a write-off. Let’s do this!!

Also, Jordan De Goey has signed on the dotted line. That’s a handy thing to get out of the way. Keeping him in the black and white till at least 2020. Good on him for sticking with us. Everything is going in the right direction despite our injury list of doom.

Go Pies.

GOLD COAST      3.2    4.4    7.7     8.12 (60)
COLLINGWOOD  4.3  10.6  13.11  14.15 (99)

Gold Coast: Holman 2, Crossley, Dawson, Martin, Powell, Schoenfeld, Young
Collingwood: Thomas 4, Stephenson 3, De Goey 2, Cox, Crocker, Maynard, Mihocek, Pendlebury,

Gold Coast: Martin, Swallow, Lyons, Harbrow, Miller
Collingwood: Grundy, Pendlebury, Stephenson, Thomas, Adams

Gold Coast: TBC
Collingwood: Lynden Dunn (leg)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Haussen, Nicholls, Hay

Official crowd: 13, 637 at Metricon Stadium

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