What happens when the business created to sell tickets, fails to sell the tickets that only they can sell?

As Ticketek crashed on Tuesday morning shortly after 9am, many had put their lives on hold just to get their hands on a piece of paper or a barcode saved to their apple wallet. Sounds silly, but for 100k Richmond members, I can assure you there was no work being done in the office and no set of eyes would have left screens.


What was the reward for this dedication? Nothing. Nada. Just a message Only a message that tickets had sold out, that there were no tickets available in any seat, in any area. Not just Richmond members, but the members of five other clubs who are all chasing that September glory.

received_665777280453173.jpegThis, after 15 minutes looking at a white screen that told you that you were successfully in the queue. Being refreshed every 15 seconds as the timer counted down to 0, hoping that maybe it would refresh into the portal that let you buy tickets.

And then after an hour, it did. Joy, relief, 12 minutes to process everything or else you were kicked off. One adult ticket and one concession will do – that was the case for me anyway.

Until you pressed ‘next.’ What does next normally mean? For Ticketek, it meant next time you buy tickets to a big game, buy it off gumtree. Which doesn’t abide by AFL standards, but can be a more efficient way of getting to the game.

Then there was the bot that would appear on your screen. You know, the red looking alien that offered no information. Ticketek publicly said that this bot would come up if you were on too many internet browsers, apparently indicating buying tickets in bulk that would be used for scalping.

I don’t think scalping was a problem on Tuesday however, with the inability to actually purchase tickets being a good barrier towards illegally selling tickets.

But Ticketek were great in their attempts to keep everyone calm. ‘Today’s competing club member on-sale is on hold, more information to come.’

Are there tickets left? Did they all sell out? What about the general public sale at 2pm?

These questions weren’t answered.

So people waited and waited. But it took the clubs themselves to come out and refer vital information to their members. Richmond in particular, doing that very well.


But it’s okay. Ticketek have now waived their transaction fees. Too bad if you sacrificed your whole day trying to get tickets, here’s $7 off your purchase and come back tomorrow to try again.

The funniest part in my opinion was Ticketek’s tweet on Wednesday morning. Tips on getting your AFL tickets! Do I need to say anything?


Will this be Ticketek’s last hurrah in 2018, with the AFL fuming at the events of Tuesday the 28th of August. A salty Richmond fan who scraped level 4 tickets to Thursday’s blockbuster with the Hawks on Wednesday morning signs off.

What do you think? Is it time the AFL gave Ticketek the flick? Let us know in the comments and poll below or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


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