Year of the Pie

Our Bearded Poet is at it again, with his Pies in the Grand Final he’s unleashed his poetic powers on an ode to why 2018 is the Year of the Pie

So, Scott Pendlebury will captain
On the mighty M.C.G
And the Sunday paper’s caption
Will say, “Who’s Josh Kennedy?”

And once the game’s completed
By these two remaining teams
Then the Eagles are defeated
And the Pies fulfil their dreams

Tyson Goldsack leads the back line
And with mates, Langdon and Aish
They’ll smash the Eagles’ forwards
Like a giant in a crèche

Our back flanks are Howe and Maynard
Mayne and Varcoe chipping in
Greenwood’s tackling is far too hard
For West Coast to ever win

And Grundy will be up as well
With Treloar and Adams’ run
Sidebottom too will give ‘em hell
Racking touches up for fun

Sier and Crisp to be everywhere
And Phillips will do that too
Coxy flyin’ through the air
To take a grab or few

De Goey leading from the square
And he really can’t be stopped
Hoskin-Elliott lurkin’ there
No marks down forward dropped

And Mihocek from V.F.L
Was a no-one-knows last year
He’s handy far as I can tell
And has stepped it up a gear

Stephenson and Thomas should
Kick some sneaky goals all game
C’mon the mighty Collingwood
Live up to your great name!

We all agree that West Coast sucks
This year only one bird flies…
Collingwood don’t give a Bucks!
Go the mighty Buckin’ Pies!!!

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