Richie Benaud: The Greatest

Richie Benaud. The Greatest.

Jai Thoolen pays tribute to a genuine true blue Aussie Icon. Richie Benaud. The Soundtrack of Summer. The Greatest.

Richie Benaud: The Greatest

Richie Benaud was the greatest.
As were all the things he’d do,
And I still remember fondly,
His famous ‘Tchoo for tchwenty tchoo’.

And he was THE voice of cricket.
You knew summer had begun,
When you heard him on your telly,
And you hoped our Aussies won.

He has raised each generation,
And I could nearly guarantee,
That you learned at least a thing or two,
‘Cause I know what he taught me.

Richie is an Aussie icon.
His loss could bring a man to tears.
But I reckon we were lucky,
To have had him all those years.

Richie’s life was dedicated,
To the game we know and love,
And he’s surely playin’ cricket,
In the great test match above.

One where Tony Greig is captain,
Of the Poms of cricket’s past.
Don Bradman’s batting brilliantly,
And Fred Trueman’s bowling fast.

Richie Benaud was the greatest,
And his like we’ll never see.
But he’s still there playing cricket,
Up in heaven’s S.C.G…

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