Five things we are looking forward to Easter Sunday: AFL 2019 Round Five

What is Eddie Langtree looking forward to this Easter Sunday?

Easter Eggs

In computer software circles an Easter egg is a hidden message or feature embedded in an application – usually something surprising and unrelated.  On the second weekend in a row we have only two games on a Sunday something surprising or unrelated would be nice.  It’s like the AFL is trying to encourage us to spend time with our families – they should have thought of that when they spread nine games across eight days.  Anyway, let’s hope something surprising and unrelated happens this weekend – like we find out Eddie McGuire has an identical twin which is how he gets to be everywhere and still find time to fly to Perth to annoy The West Australian.

The Thick Blue Line

It’s getting thicker and thicker and harder to cross Blues fans but its time.  Everyone is under pressure down at Princes Park.  We’ve been hopeful that they will show something and they did last week against the Suns only to be robbed at the last minute.  Many are laying blame for the loss firmly at the feet of Mitch McGovern for not standing on the thin white line but there was 100+ minutes of football before that so to point the finger at the high priced recruit is misguided even if a little rewarding. This is Bolton’s last stand – Blues get thrashed and Bolton may not see out the week.  Blues win and Bolton gets some breathing space and some of my relatives can avoid counselling for another week.  Carlton are not a bad list and Sam Walsh has been overlooked for the captaincy for too long.I’m going out on a limb on more time for the Blues and tipping them as my Easter egg of the day.

Big Dogs v2

We loved seeing what Aaron Naughton has been doing since moving him forward and if he can get some run at the ball and clunk a few it will be fun to watch.  Will Carlton see him as the biggest threat and sent Jones to him?  Schache wasn’t see last week and Naughton looks a lot more dangerous so expect this.  Maybe Schache will find himself and benefit from the attention going to NaughtonTim English got a lesson from Brodie Grundy last week and we will see how much he has learnt in a week.  The proposition for him this week has increased in quantity as he takes on Harry McKay and the returning Matthew Kreuzer, but the quality will not be what he was up against last week.  Interesting to watch.

Crows Respond

Adelaide are the only side that Gold Coast hasn’t beaten since their inception but Adelaide really need this one so expect this record to stay intact.  Eddie Betts plays his 300th game and has been a wonderful player at the Crows but is slowing down (as you do after 300 games).  Teams tend to grow a leg in these milestone games, particularly for loveable geniuses like Eddie.  Adelaide have left out Josh Jenkins, possibly to attend a remedial overhead marking lesson, and this will benefit them as the move to a more traditional forward structure  with two talls.  Expect Taylor Walker to work extra hard to win this one for his friend and crumber and to find some overdue form.

Less Stupid Commentary

There are a few stupid commentary trends around, actually there are like literally thousands.  I’ll pick on three this week:
1. Arching the back
If you Google “arching the back” the first 21 search results are about babies and the 22nd is about epilepsy.  A dubious online medical dictionary “defines” arching the back as: “fleeting postural abnormality occurring during spasms of pain; the back is depressed, often accompanied by crouching.”
I hear many references to players running running fast with the ball as “arching their back”.  Apparently Dylan Shiel and Adam Treloar (and many others) do it.  They don’t do it and to suggest they do is stupid, please stop.
2. “He takes the ball at it’s highest point”
No he doesn’t.  He may take the ball at his highest point but to take the ball at the ball’s highest point would be to take it about half way between the kicker and the marker, assuming the ball travels in an arch.  This is stupid too, please stop this as well.
3. Mutual appreciation society
This is Bruce McAvaney again, as he takes the commentary from Brian Taylor.  “Great call BT ….”.  Bruce your job is to describe the game, not to blow smoke up BT’s ass.  We can have our own opinions on whether it was indeed a great call because if it is BT it is most likely not a great call.

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