Five Things to Look Forward to Easter Saturday – AFL Round Five 2019

Eddie’s back and looking forward to an Easter Saturday full of intriguing matches.

Giants Forwards

This is shaping up as a game of whack-a-mole for the Dockers defenders this week.  Jeremy Cameron has had a couple of great weeks with seven and three while former backman  Jeremy Finlayson has kicked five and three.  Harry Himmelberg provides another option up there and with Coniglio, Hopper, Kelly and Taranto going through there, the Dockers defenders will be have their hands full
The Dockers too have plenty of options up forward and if they are on, they are hard to stop.  Consistency is missing here though.
Good to see Fyfe back, he’s going to need to have a massive impact to keep the Dockers in this one.

Sydney Sliders

It’s a bit morose to say we are looking forward to seeing how bad Sydney can get, but how bad can Sydney get?  So far this year there just hasn’t been the flow or consistency we are used to from The Swans of previous seasons.  Richmond conversely turned it around last week against Port despite missing their big four.  Dusty is back this week and Houli also returns and adds drive from half back so Richmond will (should) be better.  I’m tipping a close one though.  Richmond could be flat after an emotional win and, well you just never write off Sydney. Backs to the wall Swans?
Richmond by under 12.

Dees are Back

Expect to see Melbourne, with a bit of confidence back after last week’s victory over the Swans, back to their top four best from 2018.  St Kilda have been great but got Essendon on a bad day and despite winning, Essendon’s defence is like Swiss cheese when they’re not on so St Kilda should have won that by more.  Last week’s win against Hawthorn should also be viewed in the light of injuries sustained by the Hawks during the game. Melbourne’s defence hasn’t been exactly watertight either but their midfield should prove too deep and with their tails up after registered a W should show us what we know they can do.

Goal Umpire Referrals

After the AFL declared two (ultimately inconseqential) goal umpiring errors on Thursday night expect the goal umpires to be twitchier than a three year old after a six pack of Red Bull.
Like cricket umpires who are now so scared of making mistakes they will refer a runout when the batsman is at the non strikers end, the goal umpires will be calling everything.

Shops reopening

The shops open again on Easter Saturday.  After queuing up at Liquorland for three hours on Thursday and purchasing enough alcohol for a year to get through the upcoming fasting period (Good Friday), the shops will be open again.  Most of our supplies will have dwindled sufficiently to create panic and as we surface from our bunkers on Saturday morning blinded by the unfamiliar sunlight we can jump in the front wheel drive family SUV and charge down to Chadstone to top up.

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