Friday Fashion: World Cup Uniforms Ranked

With the help of a guest fashionista, we rank the World Cup uniforms from 10 – 1.

Given the fashion sense of the team at The Pinch Hitters the task of ranking the World Cup uniforms was a particularly difficult one. Thankfully for those of us not fashion inclined, we were able to draft in the services of the wonderful @glammissg to get the job done.

As a result we give to you the World Cup uniforms in order of flair and panache from 10 – 1.

10. New Zealand

While many in the fashion world have espoused the value of black in history, but this was no help for the Black Caps when it was time to rank these uniforms. If it some comfort to our Kiwi friends, our fashionista’s problem was that this shirt looked too much like a Rugby jumper. Perhaps something that has never been expressed as a negative in New Zealand.

9. Pakistan

“At least it doesn’t look like a Rugby Jumper,” was the less than glowing praise from @glammissg of this number Pakistan will be wearing in England and Wales.

8. England

While most of us at Pinch Hitters house liked the hosts attempts to rekindle memories of the 1992 World Cup. We were quickly put in our place though with our guest judge less than impressed by the powder blue kit.

7. Bangladesh

The Tigers first effort got the thumbs down from their fans, this one didn’t elicit too much more excitement from our judge.

6. Afghanistan

“It could be worse,” was all @glammissg could mutter about this one.

5. South Africa

“Looks like they’ve gone to the high-vis store.”

4. West Indies

“Don’t know why, but I like it.”

3. India

“Look, it’s another cricket shirt,” an increasingly agitated judge told us. “Why on earth have you asked me to rank bloody cricket shirts?”

2. Sri Lanka

“Bold colours, and made from plastic salvaged from the ocean. What’s not to like?”

1. Australia

Green, gold and bold. Ok, @glammissg didn’t say this, but did you seriously think we’d give somebody the chance to rank this bad boy any lower than number one?

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