What We are Looking Forward to Saturday – AFL 2019 Round 11

We’ve unleashed Eddie again to tell us what to look forward to Saturday in the AFL.

Pies Reheated

The trip to the MCG for the Dockers looks like a tough prospect although they will be keen to get a run on the G – the Dockers don’t get many games there.  At least Jesse Hogan will pay his way this week as he will be able to guide his team to the right change rooms, although he will probably mess that up and take them to the home rooms.

The Dockers will be excited after their narrow win over Brisbane at home on Sunday but coming off a six day break they face a second placed Collingwood side that has been finding ways to win despite not playing particularly well.

One thing for certain is the ins for Collingwood do not make good reading for the Dockers with DeGoey, Darcy Moore and Travis Varcoe all back and Wells the only forced change as second stringers Madgen and Wills are sent back to the VFL.
Collingwood will either find a way to win ugly again or with some balance back, could make this a tough day for the Dockers.

The Echo Chamber

There needs to be a name for The Battle of the Expansion Teams – just to give this game a bit more excitement.  Look what The Battle of the Bridge and the Q Clash have done for cross town rivalry in the rugby league states. We could just call it the Money Pit.

We shouldn’t really complain about the money put into these sides, the whole expansion thing has been an exercise in giving high draft picks a couple of years in the seniors to show their wares before they get snapped up by another (not expansion) club for a lot more money than they started on.  It’s a win, win really – somehow.

Clearly GWS are doing this better than Gold Coast since their inception although The Suns have shown glimpses.  One thing for sure, wherever this is being played ** the numbers won’t be great and the AFL attendance people will be adding a zero to the official attendance to get it into four figures. Giants for me here, it won’t be close.
** The fixture says it is being played at GIA – that might be Daniel Giansiracusa’s house, at least they will be able to fill it.

The Cattery

The old suburban ground – the Cattery is more than just a boutique stadium. Actually its probably less because there aren’t any boutiques in Geelong. It’s all Best & Less and Dimmeys.  Unless you head out to Ocean Grove – there are boutiques there and shoe shops and spas, so the visiting Melbourne mums can do a spot of frock shopping to escape the kids in the $2000/night AirBNB.

Anyway, it’s hard to win at the Cattery, which is why they want to play finals there.  Can you imagine Geelong hosting Collingwood or Richmond in a final there? Jimmy Bartel defends it as Geelong’s right to have a home final just as football fans would defend their right to be able to watch games of football.  

Sydney gets Jarrod McVeigh back.  I thought he had retired, not from football, from work.  Surely he’s 65?  Daniel Menzel comes in for his first game against the club that cruelly delisted him after four knee reconstructions and three defensive acts.  
Geelong lose Ablett who has been trying for weeks to get a week off, but you know Michael Christian, he’s a hard task master and wasn’t going to let little Gaz off lightly.
Geelong here by plenty

Your Lion Eyes

I’ll do anything for a lame pun and that’s my best (worst) so far this year. Watch me make a tenuous reference to tie the rest of the pun in.  

It’s hard to know where the Hawks are.  It was a solid win over Port Adelaide but let’s face it, Port are as flaky as week old sun burn.
Brisbane were stiff to lose after the siren to the Dockers but those are the ones they need to win if they are to remain competitive in the top eight. Brisbane are great to watch and their enthusiasm, speed and adventure make them the best side to watch this year.  They will be too fast for the Hawks.  
Clarkson will send a tag to Hodge to minimise his impact and the amount of egg Clarkson has on his face after letting this ornament leave his true home.
I can’t rescue that pun – sorry.

A Humid Day in Hell

Everyone is talking about Melbourne as the most disappointing team this year.  I can’t agree with them, surely they have to be the most disappointing team this millennium.  Has there been a bigger fall from grace?  
I don’t know many Melbourne supporters – at least I don’t think I do.  A few came out of the woodwork last year but I think far more knew the pain that had been inflicted on them over decades and stayed in hiding in case this, season 2019, happened.  

Surely the Demons home ground needs to be known as Hell – or in this instance TIO stadium. Let me tell you that NBN must have really gone off the rails if the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman can afford to sponsor a football ground. Anyway three good ins for the Dees will be countered by three good ins for the the Crows.  Don Pyke seems to have realised the best thing to do with good players is to play them.  
Crows to bring home the four points and the crocodile souvenirs.

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