Power Rankings

1. (1) GEELONG

The bye hoodoo struck the Cats once again in Round 14, seeing them suffer just their second loss of the season. They’ll face another stern test when they look to bounce back against the Crows next week.

LAST FIVE: WB (W), GC (W), Syd (W), Rich (W), PA (L).

NEXT FIVE: Ade (H), WB (A), StK (H), Haw (H), Syd (A).


Stuttered their way to a second consecutive victory against the Bulldogs on Sunday. Haven’t been at their best for a few weeks but are well positioned to prosper if they rediscover their form soon.

LAST FIVE: StK (W), Syd (W), Fre (L), Melb (W), WB (W).

NEXT FIVE: NM (H), Haw (A), WCE (A), GWS (A), Rich (H).

3. (2) GWS

The Giants will come back from the bye well positioned for an assault on a top two position and the flag.

LAST FIVE: Carl (W), Melb (W), GC (W), Ade (L), NM (W).

NEXT FIVE: Ess (A), Bris (H), Rich (A) Coll (H), PA (A).


Will return from their break refreshed and with a three game winning streak when they test themselves against the competition leaders next round.

LAST FIVE: BL (L), WCE (L), Melb (W), GWS (W), Rich (W).

NEXT FIVE: Gee (A), PA (H), GC (A), Ess (H), Carl (A).


Have been a little off their premiership winning form but this has not stopped them winning four of their last five games. Have a relatively light run home though, so a top two finish is not beyond them.

LAST FIVE: Melb (W), Ade (W), WB (W), Syd (L), Ess (W).

NEXT FIVE: Haw (A), Fre (A), Coll (H), Melb (A), NM (H).


The Power’s up and down season continued with their best win of the season against the competition leading Cats. Face a tricky five week period which has the potential to make or break their finals chances.

LAST FIVE: GC (W), Haw (L), StK (W), Fre (L), Gee (W).

NEXT FIVE: WB (H), Ade (A), BL (H), Rich (A), GWS (H).


Missed a big opportunity to consolidate their position in the eight with their loss to Melbourne. Will expect to get back on the winners list against Carlton but face a tricky stretch in the weeks that follow.

LAST FIVE: Ess (L), BL (W), Coll (W), PA (W), Melb (L).

NEXT FIVE: Carl (H), WCE (H), Haw (A), Syd (H), WB (A).


Were extremely impressive against the Saints in a game that posed as a potential banana peel. How far can this young group go in 2019?

LAST FIVE: Ade (W), Fre (L), Haw (W), Carl (L), StK (W).

NEXT FIVE: Melb (H), GWS (A), PA (A), NM (H), Haw (A).

9. (12) SYDNEY

The Swans backed up their victory over the Premiers with another impressive performance against Hawthorn. After a poor start to the season they will attack the second half of the season with some momentum.

LAST FIVE: NM (W), Coll (L), Gee (L), WCE (W), HAW (W).

NEXT FIVE: GC (H), Ess (A), Carl (H), Fre (A), Gee (H).

10. (8) RICHMOND

After three consecutive defeats, the fixture is kind for Richmond as they return to action after the bye. A top four berth could become a distant dream though, if they can’t find some consistency.

LAST FIVE: Haw (W), Ess (W), NM (L), Gee (L), Ade (L).

NEXT FIVE: StK (A), GC (A), GWS (H). PA (H), Coll (A).


The Kangaroos were impressive for much of their clash with GWS but can’t afford to let any further opportunities slip if they are to make a surprise run at the finals.

LAST FIVE: Syd (L), WB (W), Rich (W), GC (W), GWS (L).

NEXT FIVE: Coll (A), StK (A), Ess (A), BL (A), WCE (A).

12. (11) ESSENDON

After high expectations pre-season, the Bombers continue to frustrate in 2019. They will need to be better in the next five weeks if they are to keep their finals dreams alive

LAST FIVE: Fre (W), Rich (L), Carl (W), Haw (W), WCE (L).

NEXT FIVE: GWS (H), Syd (H), NM (H), Ade (A), GC (A).

13. (13) ST KILDA

A return to finals action remains a mathematical possibility for the Saints but the truth of their performance against the Lions is that they are a long way off the top eight teams.

LAST FIVE: Coll (L), Carl (W), PA (L), GC (W), BL (L).

NEXT FIVE: Rich (H), NM (A), Gee (A), WB (H), Melb (H).

14. (16) MELBOURNE

Where has that form been all season?

LAST FIVE: WCE (L), GWS (L), ADE (L), COLL (L), Fre (W).

NEXT FIVE: BL (A), Carl (A), WB (A), WCE (H), StK (A).


The Bulldogs pushed Collingwood all they way but their defeat means they have just a victory over Carlton to show for their last five games.

LAST FIVE: Gee (L), NM (L), WCE (L), Carl (W), Coll (L).

NEXT FIVE: PA (A), Gee (H), Melb (H), StK (A), Fre (H).

16. (15) HAWTHORN

The Hawks best and worst are so far apart that it is hard to believe that the team that beat GWS is the same one who meekly surrendered to Essendon. A bottom four finish is possible if they cannot rediscover their best form over the next five weeks.

LAST FIVE: Rich (L), PA (W), BL (L), Ess (L), Syd (L).

NEXT FIVE: WCE (H), Coll (H), Fre (H), Gee (A), BL (H).

17. (17) CARLTON

While the Blues were not able to record back to back victories for the first time since 2017, they did show an appetite for the fight in their match against the Bulldogs. They have the ability to knock over any team that takes them lightly between now and the end of the season.

LAST FIVE: GWS (L), StK (L), Ess (L), BL (W), WB (L).

NEXT FIVE: Fre (A), Melb (H), Syd (A), GC (H), Ade (H).

18. (18) GOLD COAST

They looked likely winners for much of their match with the Saints in Townsville before a second half fade out saw them fall to another heartbreaking defeat. They are better than a nine game losing streak would suggest.

LAST FIVE: Melb (L), PA (L), Gee (L), GWS (L), NM (L), StK (L).

NEXT FIVE: Syd (A), Rich (H), Ade (H), Carl (A), Ess (H).

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