CWC19: India vs Bangladesh – Five Things We Learned

What did we learn from India extinguishing Bangladesh’s Semi Final dreams.

There were moments when it looked like maybe, just maybe, Bangladesh would pull off a miracle. India, who early on looked like getting 350 or even 400, were restricted to 311 in the end, thanks largely to Mustafizur Rahman. Then in the chase, there were several moments when they looked good but then weren’t.

In the end, the margin was just 28 runs, bowled out with two overs to go, and, right up until when that last wicket fell, Bangladesh were that slightest hint of a chance. No, it wasn’t the closest match of the tournament and Bangladesh were never winning, but it also wasn’t the most one-sided. As both sides looked nervous, and it demonstrated that Bangladesh had more to play for, as their tournament lives were on the line. Now, as a result, India, who had all but qualified already, have now definitely qualified, while for Bangladesh they are out. All they can do now is to play spoilsport to Pakistan – though England may be doing that anyway.

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Five Things We Learned:

(1) India are a step above Bangladesh

While the 28 run margin might seem close, India won through domination while Bangladesh relied on miracles. The two teams are not yet at the same level. While Bangladesh are going to win the occasional match when everything goes right or when India aren’t paying attention, or both, this match just played out as a bully against its victim, India teasing Bangladesh that they might get close, only to surge ahead, many, many times over.

(2) Mustafizur Rahman is a pretty good bowler

The oddest thing was the seven ball over to end the innings, when Mustafizur Rahman, on four wickets, got a seventh ball to get his fifth While he perhaps should have gotten four, not five, he was still pretty good.

(3) Jasprit Bumrah is better

Finally Bumrah had the results in the wicket column that he had deserved for so many matches, as he just looked a step above all of the other bowlers, including Bangladesh’s. He just took wickets from nowhere, but with precision and planning. He’s one of the world’s best bowlers.

(4) Rohit Sharma is no ordinary bully

He’s the kingpin bully. Bangladesh were down and out and he buried them into the dirt. While he was there, it looked for all the world that 350 even 400 was possible and it showed how well he was going when he got out and the rest of the team crumbled.

(5) Bangladesh are the seventh best team

For all of the hype around Bangladesh, they now sit, deservedly, in seventh position on the table. Their three wins being against teams currently in eighth, ninth and tenth positions. They haven’t beaten any of the top five teams, and the sixth ranked team, Sri Lanka, was a washout.

It seems like a fair position to me. In 2015 they were the fouth in their group, and hence effectively seventh-eighth, so they have improved, perhaps from seventh-eighth to seventh, or else they have at least stayed at the same level, but they haven’t improved as much as some of the hype masters suggested. They are still a long way from being a power.

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