Punt Road Post Mortem: Hard to keep the lid on

What did our resident Tiger think of the win over the Pies?

We all know how Richmond fans are, right? A few bits of good luck and a great performance takes the lid completely off all things footy related. But how good was it to beat those damn Pies.

The last time I wrote spoke about how Richmond looked as if they could be timing their run perfectly. I don’t think this has changed. A perfect first half against the Pies a catalyst for a second half shootout which was music to Dimma’s ears, as the Tiges ran out 32 point winners. Could have and probably should have been more, it didn’t matter to any Tiger fan who knew beating Collingwood could be the difference in 2019. 

I could go on all day, but let’s talk about some of my favourite moments from the game.

4. Lambert’s fourth quarter swan song

Kane Lambert’s second for the game, and the first goal of the fourth term was great for many reasons. Mainly, watching the Pies supporters around me exit the venue. Was it the Prelim in reverse?

3. Dusty’s settler

Our first goal of the game was crucial. After a first ten minutes that saw Collingwood play quite well – also including a Mason Cox shot for goal, fans were nervous. Dustin Martin – what a way to settle them.

2. Soldo’s free kick goal

May not have been a free kick, but it was a square up to a similar one just ten minutes earlier. Unlike Grundy, Soldo was able to capitalise. 

1. Mabior Chol’s Candy Store

I couldn’t not have this at #1, could I?

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Tigers of the match:

Tom Lynch

Five goals for Tom Lynch and an absolute first half masterclass from the man who has dealt with his own kind of stick all season long. He was way too good for the Collingwood defence, and it was a performance he and Tiger fans will never forget – brilliant. 

Dustin Martin

Just did Dusty things, right? 2017 Dusty was back again on Friday night, with more influence and dominance than any other midfielder on the ground – even without his skipper.

Dylan Grimes

Wow – what a performance. If this guy isn’t All-Australian this season well I’ll be damned. Whenever the Pies would seem to get a run on, this guy would save the day. I felt like I was watching a prime Alex Rance. What a player.

Ivan Soldo

An underrated one here, and even though the stats might not suggest he was one of the better players, he minimised the Grundy affect. Not many have been able to do it this season, but he held one of the Brownlow favourites to nine touches, whilst limiting his damage on the ball.

This week sees a new task that can’t be taken lightly. However, I expect the boys to get the job done. An understrength Melbourne, MCG, Tigers out in full force – Richmond by 6 goals+. 

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