Five things we are looking forward to Saturday

What is Eddie looking forward to this Saturday?


It can be hard to find things to write about mid season, especially in the bye rounds. At great personal sacrifice, Jaydn Stephenson, Ben Stratton. Gil McLaughlin and even Jeff Kennet got keyboards clattering (even if you have a MacBook Pro with the infamous butterfly keyboard).
To me BAO is a delicious delicious Vietnamese steamed bun filled with crunchy salad and some sort of meat that has been cooked for so long, it disappears like fairy floss when you eat it [insert copyrighted picture of Homer Simpson drooling].
So it turns out B.A.O. is a Behaviour Awareness Officer.  There is nothing right here, nothing.  Not the behaviour that led some people to believe this necessary, the over zealous response, Gil’s denial of any crackdown or Jeff’s cultural insensitivity.  
Let’s go back to the start – if you can’t go to the football without abusing someone, don’t do it. It’s not your right and it’s not included with the ticket price.  Have fun, sledge, laugh, yell but don’t be a dick. Let’s revisit this when people stop being assholes.

What are the odds?

Somehow despite sitting 16th and making underachievement an art form in 2019, the Demons are favourites against 6th placed Fremantle who beat Collingwood in their last trip to the MCG. I think I accidentally picked Melbourne because I wasn’t concentrating and forget about their first twelve games of the season. The Dees are a chance here if Ross Lyon … plays.

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Home is where the roof is

St Kilda get to sleep in their own beds on Friday night after covering more ground than Magellan in the past month.  Brisbane meet them at Marvel Stadium.  
Let’s hope they have the roof shut and the heaters on with a maximum predicted of 13C.  Weather forecast reads – “cold and windy, high chance of showers in the morning, afternoon and evening”. Ironically this would be a good time to watch with the roof shut, for the TV audience anyway.
St Kilda welcome back prized recruits Dan Hanneberry and Jake Carlisle – two players we really wanted to see earlier in the year. First game back though, don’t expect too much.
Brisbane has been fun to watch this year and move the ball at lightning speed when they’re on.  It’s hard to see St Kilda keeping up here.

Satria Saturday

Early in the season I likened the Sydney Swans to a Toyota Camry – unremarkable but consistent and reliable.  Port Adelaide have been a middle of the road side so far this year but they are not reliable or consistent. They’ve got great kids, good experience, great talls and can be exciting to watch but when they’re bad, they’re up on blocks on the garage and going nowhere.  For that reason I will liken them to a Proton Satria – designed by Lotus, quick and exhilarating – when it ’s going.   This weekend the Prot Adelaide Satrias take on top of the table Geelong at Adelaide Oval.
Prot have some big ins this weekend, not the least of which is Charlie Dixon, but throw in Brad Ebert and Ollie Wines and this really fixes some gaps but as with St Kilda, it’s a lot to expect them to have a huge impact after long periods out.
One thing Prot have going for them is that Geelong have, never in the history of football, ever, won after a bye.  Please take my word on that and don’t go researching it

Saturday Week

I’m looking forward to the end of the bye rounds Do I need to say more? Three bye rounds is like peeling off a bandaid really slowly – we should have one bye round where everyone has a week off, no football for one weekend.  
Fathers’ Day should be moved to coincide with it because men deserve to be pampered on their weekend off football and it will take their minds off the gaping hole in the weekend but at least it will be over quickly.

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