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Another week, another impressive win by the Lions. This time over the Hawks at Fortress Launceston. Their winning streak now stands at six, how long will it stretch?

LAST FIVE: Melb (W), GWS (W), PA (W), NM (W), Haw (W).

RUN HOME: WB (H), GC (H), Gee (H), Rich (A).


The Premiers sit ominously in second place. We saw last year just how dangerous they can be with home ground advantage up to the Grand Final.

LAST FIVE: Haw (W), Fre (W), Coll (L), Melb (W), NM (W).

RUN HOME: Carl (A), Ade (H), Rich (A), Haw (H).

3. (1) GEELONG

The Cats were able to escape Sydney with the four points despite being pushed all the way at the SCG. There has been much talk about where they should play their home finals, but with a tricky month ahead they aren’t assured of hosting rights come September.

LAST FIVE: ADE (W), WB (L), StK (W), Haw (L), Syd (W).

RUN HOME: Fre (A), NM (H), BL (A), Carl (H).


The Tigers are really starting to purr with the finals fast approaching. Is this 2017 all over again for the men from Punt Road?

LAST FIVE: StK (W), GC (W), GWS (W), PA (W), Coll (W).

RUN HOME: Melb (A), Carl (H), WCE (H), BL (H).


It’s five in a row for the Bombers but it was very nearly a crash landing for them on the Gold Coast. With their next three games against teams outside the eight, a top four berth is not outside the realm of possibility.

LAST FIVE: GWS (W), Syd (W), NM (W), Ade (W), GC (W).

RUN HOME: PA (H), WB (H), Fre (A), Coll (A).

6. (8) CARLTON

Five wins from their last seven games means the Blues are one of the form teams in the competition. Less than two months ago their future appeared bleak but now it seems incredibly bright.

LAST FIVE: Fre (W), Melb (L), Syd (W), GC (W), Ade (W).

RUN HOME: WCE (H), Rich (A), StK (H), Gee (A).


They have a difficult run home but the Bulldogs finals hopes rest in their own hands after the results of Round 19.

LAST FIVE: PA (W), Gee (W), Melb (W), StK (L), Fre (W).

RUN HOME: BL (H), Ess (A), GWS (A), Ade (H).


While the loss to Brisbane did not end their hopes of September action it did illustrate that they remain a little way behind the genuine premiership contenders.

LAST FIVE: WCE (L), Coll (W), Fre (W), Gee (W), BL (L).

RUN HOME: NM (A), GWS (A), GC (H), WCE (A).

9. (9) GWS

Just how valuable will that one point victory be at seasons end? With four games to come against teams outside the eight, it might well prove the difference between a double chance or four weeks of elimination football come September.

LAST FIVE: ESS (L), BL (L), Rich (L), Coll (W), PA (W).

RUN HOME: Syd (H), Haw (H), WB (H), GC (A).

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10. (17) ST KILDA

The Saints were wasteful in their victory over Melbourne but were able to keep alive their unlikely finals hopes. Their percentage is likely to hurt regardless but victory over Adelaide next weekend will make their last three weeks interesting.

LAST FIVE: Rich (L), NM (L), Gee (L), WB (W), Melb (W).

RUN HOME: Ade (A) Fre (H), Carl (A), Syd (A).


Three straight defeats for the Kangaroos but their match against West Coast proved they have the ability to play spoiler for any team that underestimates them.

LAST FIVE: Coll (W), StK (W), Ess (L), BL (L), WCE (L).

RUN HOME: Haw (H), Gee (A), PA (H), Melb (H).


The Pies injury list might be as long as Homer’s Illiad, but the AFL season waits for nobody and unless they can find a way to win without their stars a sorry end to 2019 lies ahead.

LAST FIVE: NM (L), Haw (L), WCE (W), GWS (L), Rich (L).

RUN HOME: GC (H), Melb (A), Ade (A), Ess (H).

13. (16) FREMANTLE

They have been brave throughout the 2019 campaign but their match against the Bulldogs might be evidence that they have run out of legs in the final stretch of the season.

LAST FIVE: Carl (L), WCE (L), Haw (L), Syd (W), WB (L).

RUN HOME: Gee (H), StK (A), Ess (H), PA (A).

14. (10) ADELAIDE

Their destiny remains in their own hands but they appear an unlikely finalist after their fourth defeat from five games.

LAST FIVE: Gee (L), PA (L), GC (W), Ess (L), Carl (L).

RUN HOME: StK (H), WCE (A), Coll (H), WB (A).


Remarkably find themselves just one win outside the top eight despite four losses from their last five games. If they can beat the Bombers this weekend they will consider themselves a genuine chance of reaching the finals.

LAST FIVE: WB (L), Ade (W), BL (L), Rich (L), GWS (L).

RUN HOME: Ess (A), Syd (H), NM (A), Fre (H).

16. (14) SYDNEY

Brave the last few weeks but their losing run now stands at four as they prepare for another bout in the Battle of the Bridge.

LAST FIVE: GC (W), Ess (L), Carl (L), Fre (L), Gee (L).

RUN HOME: GWS (A), PA (A), Melb (A), StK (H).

17. (16) MELBOURNE

A 17th placed finish appears likely for a team that had premiership ambitions at the beginning of the year.

LAST FIVE: BL (L), Carl (W), WB (L), WCE (L), StK (L).

RUN HOME: Rich (H), Coll (H), Syd (H), NM (A).

18. (18) GOLD COAST

Had a sniff late, but in the end lacked the necessary class to avoid falling to a 14th consecutive defeat. A very familiar story unfortunately for the Suns.

LAST FIVE: Syd (L), Rich (L), Ade (L), Carl (L), Ess (L).

RUN HOME: Coll (H), BL (A), Haw (A), GWS (H).

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